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I tried to run Madden 21 and NBA 2k21 on my modestly specced laptop and... It's actually a really fluid experience! I have to give two big thumbs up to EA and Take-Two for doing a great job ensuring their games are available at all on PC, and for ensuring they can run on just about anything assembled in the last 6 or 7 years. 6500u which is basically an i3-2100 or 3120 r7 m370 which is basically an HD 5750
Mar 30th 2021 11:53am
They aren't demanding games so obviously it'll fun on your system.
Mar 30th 2021 12:07pm
It's easy not to be demanding when it's the same game for 5 years straight, except for updated rosters and tons of added gambling and MTX.
Mar 30th 2021 6:46pm
Because it is a 5 to 6 year old game and it is optimized to run on almost any hardware to get that pachinko money :D
Mar 31st 2021 2:39pm
Yeah, those games aren't exactly "AAA grade" graphically as the guys here already mentioned. It would be the same as saying "thumbs up to Blizzard for making WoW run on a potato!" - it's old and designed to be run this way so the max amount of people can play and pay the sub :D Still - good to know you're enjoying the experience!
Mar 31st 2021 9:24pm
I see that sports games have pinched a nerve with you guys. Sorry that I got excited over being able to play 2K in the airport
Apr 1st 2021 4:41pm
Sorry if we got you down. Wasn't aimed as an attack against you. I just have extremely strong opinions against what big franchise sports games have become nowadays. They honestly feel like mobile titles to me with excessive MTX and clear lack of care for anything else, and I can't stand that.