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Might have to invest in a gaming laptop. My GTX 1060 is aging to the point where I need to underclock it at stock clocks to keep it stable. It's been spitting 9-10 WERs the past couple weeks. The underclock has calmed things down for now. The current GPU market is a disasterpiece. I'd rather return to console gaming than spend 600+ dollars on a RTX 2060.
Mar 30th 2021 4:16am
Have you checked the thermal compound? Maybe it was overheated.
Mar 30th 2021 6:10am
I disassembled the heatsink, made sure it was as dust-free as canned air could allow, and reapplied thermal paste. For whatever reason, my old GTX 1060 just spits out WERs at stock. It makes me a little sad because when this product was announced it was monumental for the price, but most importantly, it was silent for how fast it was. The 1080 Ti and 1060 are probably Nvidia's greatest releases in the companies history, as far as how great the products were for their respective times! Which they shared! It was a gargantuan win for high-budget enthusiasts and a huge win for modest budget builders or esport builders! Waiting patiently for Nvidia to give us a win like Pascal again!
Mar 30th 2021 11:54am
You won't ever get something like a huge Pascal release ever again lol This is Nvidia we're talking about.
Mar 30th 2021 6:48pm
you are right itsthegameredit123, nvidia learned thei lesson with pascal , this is why they handicapped their gpus to 8 gb and 10gb
Mar 31st 2021 3:07am
Of course, for the profit. They're never for the gamers. Yeah, they can release amazing GPUs with new exciting features on the driver side, but they will handicap the vram. Plus some shady shit will happen. Like the whole mining thing.
Mar 31st 2021 7:20am
The hope is that Intel and AMD will provide meaningful competition towards Nvidia products. Radeon's feature set is a bit bare at the moment, and Intel has yet to enter the market officially. Intel's position is pretty scintillating to speculate on. For the hope of the entire market, let's hope they make a splash. Nvidia will continue shady actions to appease shareholders. That is a direct cause of the lack of competition. While Radeon's rasterization capabilities are exciting, the lack of a compelling feature set disqualifies them from a plethora of gamers.
Mar 31st 2021 2:45pm
AMD's current offerings are really good at raster for sure AND they are doing it while eating considerably less energy. But then everything else is mediocre to non-existent (AI features, software extras, RT, upscaling). Not that I can even buy AMD to be a daily driver, since I'm locked in with CUDA for work - that's something to consider as well for professionals. Maybe this will change in a generation or two, but for now Nvidia is just a better buy overall.
Mar 31st 2021 8:53pm
AMD's drivers are honestly better. They have almost the same amount of features as nvidia with the exception of a DLSS competitor, though that will come soon. Of course their ray-tracing performance is equivalent to Turing but that's because this is their first generation of GPUs to have it. RDNA 2 is impressive. Both on Windows and Linux.
Mar 31st 2021 9:22pm
I have seen that Hardware Unboxed did a great piece on comparison of the driver overhead for Radeon and GeForce products. That is a great selling point for esport gamers. However, while AMD does offer an input lag reduction under GPU bind, Nvidia's Reflex feature takes it to the next level. I have a second PC spec'd with an R5 3600 and an RX 580, and my PC listed on this page. I have observed that my frame rates in Valorant are significantly higher on my AMD system in the 280 range versus the 220 range. However, with complete honesty, I have noticed that I honestly do perform better in Valorant with Nvidia Reflex.
Mar 31st 2021 9:22pm
I am merely an Immortal level player. If an upper mid-range player like myself can see a measurable difference, surely the more talented professional or enthusiast gamers will notice such a difference as well. While Nvidia often markets "Frames Win Games." Past a certain point, in the range of 200+ FPS, I have decided that, in my opinion, input lag is more so the bottleneck towards a gamer's in-game performance. Just my two pennies!
Apr 1st 2021 10:24pm
Reflex requires developers to put it in the game. With Radeon Anti-Lag, it is only a driver level toggle that works in DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games.