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Rx 6800 XT or RTX 3070? Considering AMD is getting dlss equivalent in a few months.
Feb 10th 2021 3:45am
At this point and time, neither. you can't get anything at MSRP. Because there is no stock
Feb 10th 2021 12:27pm
3070 offers more consistent performance
Feb 10th 2021 1:56pm
AMD's tech is yet to be seen and the launch will be basically a dynamic down-res (AKA: garbage), so I wouldn't make any purchasing decisions until you see what they offer. I doubt AMD will come close to DLSS 2.0+ quality, at least for a while. And then you have no idea which games will even add support for it, while Nvidia already have quite a few titles under their belt.
Feb 11th 2021 1:46am
Check the price and performance each card offers and also watch a few benchmarks to compare the 2 GPUs. I'll post a link below from Hardware Unboxed so check it out when you have time. As for DLSS 2.0, that's a judgment call you'll have to make down the line.
Feb 11th 2021 2:00am
The Hardware Unboxed video compares the 6800 (non XT GPU) and the 3070. Most seem to view the 6800XT a direct competitor to the 3080. Since I've started the link train, might as well end it with a few more useful video. 6800XT vs 3080 by Hardware Unboxed 6800 vs 3070 by GN Random YT benchmark Digital Foundry GPU comparison
Feb 11th 2021 7:26am
depens on the games, by tpu's bechs its 3-5% beind the 3080
Feb 11th 2021 11:30pm
6800 XT is better then 3070 for 19% in average
Feb 13th 2021 5:30pm
if you care about rt you're best bet is the 3070....but i would wait the gpu shortage to be over