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anyone able to get stable 60 fps in cyberpunk? i tried on lowest settings, 720p and my fps always drops to low 40 no matter what i do.
Feb 4th 2021 8:41am
same here, even on the lowest setting 1060 can't maintain locked 60fps, so much for the "recommended gpu"
Feb 4th 2021 10:25am
The 1060 was meant for 1080p 30 FPS like most System Requirements given. Developers / publishers usually say when something's aimed for 60FPS or better
Feb 4th 2021 11:39am
even if that is for 30 fps, I would still think that a "recommended" gpu is capable of 60 fps if you turn some things down....
Feb 4th 2021 11:49am
Yeah, they should definitely add some stuff to make low actually low. Low in Cyberpunk doesn't look that bad and there's definitely some stuff they can turn down. There's a mod for Cyberpunk that adds some extra performance modifications, not sure if it's still working though
Feb 4th 2021 1:38pm
by now i accepted the 30-45 fps, but the idea is that I was (even if implicitly) lead to believe that I will get better performance. Im not saying they lied about the system requirements but it was misleading to recommend a 1060... after all how many PC gamers are after the 30 fps experience? (I even tried locking the game to 30 fps, but for some reason locked 30 fps isn't really possible either, even in areas where I would normally get 30+ fps when locked to 30 frequently drops below that)
Feb 5th 2021 8:16pm
I'm getting stable 60 FPS at 1080p low on RX 580 (about 5-10 % overclock) with changes from Config Overhaul tweaker
Feb 5th 2021 8:20pm
Here is a link for tool:
Feb 5th 2021 9:22pm
It's not even the 1060. Even on my 3090 things can drop low. There's a big CPU-side bottleneck in this game as well.
Feb 6th 2021 9:51pm
Yeah @xquatrox that seems the case here because everytime my fps drop to 42 in the city even on lowest settings and resolution my gpu usage drops to like 75% or so but my cpu stays around the 45/60% usage.
Feb 7th 2021 12:29am
Yeah, same here - the GPU falls asleep sometimes :D