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I updated my question/post on AC Valhalla page for any users running AMD FX chipsets. I used the Valhalla in-game benchmark tool on 3 GFX modes all the while capturing using OBS at 1080p. I can post up the video if anyone is interested.
Nov 12th 2020 10:55pm
Still using the FX CPU? Damn bro They're bad. But you can still run the game.
Nov 13th 2020 4:23pm
Yep! Running just the game I can use the stock 1080p on the High gfx preset. If I want to capture or stream the game I'm finding I have to drop down to 720p both in OBS and the game if I don't want OBS to stutter.
Nov 13th 2020 10:21pm
oof I hope you're looking for an upgrade to better complement the RX 580
Nov 14th 2020 3:06pm
I am... but don't have $500-600 required to get a new mobo cpu and ram right now. I'm thinking the Asus TUF 570, ryz5 5600x, and 32gb @3600+ ram
Nov 14th 2020 3:08pm
With my current guts it supported the newer gpu which is why it's in there right now... building new over time lol. After the next wave I'll be saving up for the rx 6800/X
Nov 15th 2020 8:19am
There's no need for 32gb of RAM. Plus, the B550 chipset exists.
Nov 15th 2020 6:10pm
I have 16GB now just wasn't sure if now would be the time to up it... as far as x570 i thought they support the new 5000 cpu... does b550 too?
Nov 15th 2020 6:12pm
It's been way too long since my last full build I feel like I'm a little lost now a days and maybe I'm over buying from paranoia of already being behind (Bates 4000 comes to mind lol)
Nov 16th 2020 6:57am
Honestly, you'll be just fine getting a Ryzen 7 3700X. You won't be left behind, and with lower latency memory, it'll perform really well. With that, you can afford a good X570 motherboard. Look up some things at PCPartPicker. That website can give you a good idea.
Nov 16th 2020 5:59pm
I really appreciate all the info and your time. Hopefully I'll get some things ordered soon and have a new PC by xmas
Nov 16th 2020 10:11pm
Anytime! I'm happy to help.