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HADES is a very dope game O_O
Sep 29th 2020 12:22pm
It's incredible, isn't it? It's crazy good!
Sep 29th 2020 3:01pm
Yeah! I'm running it at 5K 144Hz just for kicks - I'm surprised how smooth it looks and performs! On my 4th run I almost beat Theseus. Got his bull, he was left with maybe 1/4th health on his 2nd phase... but I didn't have an additional revive tooth from Shelly, otherwise I would have gone past him :/ Ah well, not a bad start for a non-upgraded character! The healing on attack was an insanely good boost to carry me all the way there xD
Sep 29th 2020 3:05pm
I guess there's no point running it at 5K due to the fact the graphics are 2D, so there's no real benefit in it, unlike for vector 3D polys, but still xD Some screens: 1, 2, 3
Sep 29th 2020 3:06pm
Looking at screenshot 3 I can see how blurry the character is vs the rocks near him. A bit inconsistent, if I may say so xD
Sep 30th 2020 12:57am
I dare not open those pictures because my 1.5Mbps internet connection couldn't handle it.
Sep 30th 2020 11:13am
@Gankutsuou they're 8.5 to 12.5 MB in size, so you do the math how long it would take :D
Oct 1st 2020 12:42am
Very well. I shall steel my nerves for the experience .