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Hmm i don't seem to be able to post shouts cause i am getting an ominous "access denied" error...
Sep 30th 2020 1:14am
I get that sometimes too. The easiest way to solve that problem is to add a few spaces after your sentance, and if that isn't enough add few empty lines with nothing but spaces. P.S. It's probably a spam filter that's set to high. Think it checks what you posted in the past and if it sees certain word combinations it gets triggered.
Sep 30th 2020 12:41pm
Same here. I was told to CTRL+F5 and post again. To be safe, I now have a habit of copying what I'm about to post before I click anything. Not just GD, but many sites, especially if I wrote something fairly long. Posting errors annoy me, so at least if I've copied what I've written - I don't have to do it again :)