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RTX 3060/and 3060TI are perfect for my budget. Still i think my RX 590 is still powerful enough to use it for another year because playing on 1080P only. So upgrading mid 2021 looks fine to me. Any thoughts about this?
Sep 24th 2020 5:29pm
You are talking about cards that have not been announced and there's no real info on them and you're already making up your mind about the budget of something that doesn't exist. These are my thoughts.
Sep 24th 2020 6:02pm
Sep 24th 2020 9:59pm
"Leaks" and rumors. Best to wait for actual stuff to come out before making decisions. I found that out recently :)
Sep 25th 2020 12:48pm
I'm with Xquatrox on this one. Get access to real data before making a decision.