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Damn Microsoft Windows... I got a popup saying my win10 version (1903) is being fased out and it's time to upgrade... I said yes, it should be safe by now... I was wrong... After the usual preparing win10 update PC shut down and upon reboot got stuck on a black screen with monitor turning off saying no signal... Left it there for minutes, no change... Tried reboot, got stuck on the win loading animation after post... After several attempts and a minor heart attack PC finally started... and greeted me with the failed to install updates... Fantastic...
Sep 17th 2020 9:44pm
Clean install is always a better option.
Sep 18th 2020 1:40am
My advise is to disable all the feature stuff and just get the security updates. As for Windows being windows, my personal tip is to have 2 partitions. The first one will have the OS and nothing else, while the 2nd partition will house all the data, games, media etc... That way you can reinstall win in 20 min with min downtime, and not have to worry about data loss. P.S. Move your documents and pictures into another folder (don't use the default Downloads, Documents, Pictures folders).
Sep 18th 2020 6:35am
Thanks that is probably what I will do
Sep 18th 2020 12:59pm
Happy to help.