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I am planning for a PC upgrade so for GPU what is better: RX 580 4 GB or RX 570 8 GB. I will be adding it to Ryzen 5 2600 and would like to hit 1080p 60 fps
Nov 16th 2019 7:56pm
whats your budget? do you want ultra settings or medium/high is enough?
Nov 16th 2019 7:57pm
Cards are: Asus Radeon RX 580 O4G And SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 570 8G
Nov 16th 2019 8:01pm
Both cards are fine and cost almost the same. So would more GDDR memory be much of the difference?
Nov 16th 2019 8:06pm
Well being low spec gamer medium is plenty :D. I planned this build because I want to play Metro Exodus since I am a fanboy of that franchise
Nov 16th 2019 8:14pm
Also budget is Yes but I like to save money where is possible, I even will use a Retro style case to save money
Nov 16th 2019 8:57pm
i would go with RX 580 O4G, both cards should be able to give 60fps on medium-high 1080p metro exodus runs quit well my guess would be everything maxed out except maybe shadows
Nov 16th 2019 9:23pm
by budget i meant how much are you willing to spend?
Nov 16th 2019 11:33pm
@tforulez he kind of answered, as less as possible
Nov 17th 2019 12:32am
Definitely go for the Rx580 8gb. I'm happy with mine so far and it does well for 1080p.
Nov 17th 2019 1:28pm
@tforulez my budget for whole build was 1000 euro but spent only 600 euro for all parts except case
Nov 17th 2019 1:29pm
Have gone for rx 580 4gb since I doubt I need more vram for 1080p gaming