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hey friends I wanna know your opinion again, deciding on (reasonably priced) 1TB NVME SSD, which one to get, my major contenders are: 1) Corsair Force MP510 2) ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO any advice/tips?
Nov 16th 2019 12:00pm
I have the ADATA. That said it doesn't perform as well as some other NVME drives and occasionally has minor drops in performance. It's only noticeable during tests and I'm looking for it. Day to day blows SATA out the water.
Nov 16th 2019 12:27pm
ah yea all those "consumer" SSDs have some amount of cache, so write performance always drops with large file operations overtime; so do you use it as system drive, or for some project files?
Nov 16th 2019 4:28pm
i imagine projects otherwise you can barely notice the difference between an SSD compared to an m.2 i have the fastest in their class on pcie 3.0 so samsung 970 evo plus and the SATA 860 evo for projects here : otherwise for windows and and game loads there is a small diff
Nov 16th 2019 4:47pm
well, thing is those NVME drives I mentioned cost barely 10$ more than SATA 1TB 860 EVO, so THAT looks like a good deal (over 3GB/s for NVME)
Nov 16th 2019 6:07pm
idk about the ADATA but the corsair one keeps up okay with the samsung 970 evo plus but it starts falling heavily behind in 4K files and other tests not sure what the real world difference is compared to charts or what the price difference is for you the corsair one looks alright on paper but for 4K files it drops
Nov 16th 2019 6:11pm
and i guess what that means in practise is the larger the files and the more read/writes of large files that you do the worse the performance of corsair/ADATA will be up to 2x slower judging by the charts. But idk what you plan on doing with the m.2 or what the price difference is for you. For smaller files theyre fine