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Windows 10 v.1909 is on the way
Nov 11th 2019 12:56pm
just in case anyone's interested, if you have active Insider login, you can get latest preview builds and releases here directly:
Nov 13th 2019 7:08am
Hope the new update won't mess up WMR apps.
Nov 13th 2019 2:46pm
LOL. Has it started breaking stuff already ? What's new in 1909 btw ?
Nov 13th 2019 4:39pm
basically nothing, Microsoft is aware of the BIG problems they had year ago, so the update is relatively minor to prevent any major fckups, I'd say they're busy convincing users to leave Windows 7 (reminder - Win 7 support ends 14 January 2020) instead of polishing Windows 10 right now; also Microsoft is aware of fact nobody gives a fck about mediocre features bloating already bloated outdated system, so they are pretty much abandoning the big-changes lifecycle of Windows completely; on the other hand Microsoft finally admits online services are great income, so they are pushing more online bullsh!t stuff like for ex. new Online Search directly in File Explorer (primarily because of OneDrive); also they hype about Cortana is not dead yet, so Cortana can now annoy us at locked screen too lol, its security vulnerability is matter to break out later I guess; there are some minor battery and cpu usage improvements, nothing big I guess, even the promoted cpu core "favoring" is more of a joke than real performance gain; Start menu still is utter garbage, and that's basically all - I'm positive about this update not breaking anything, but still definitely NOT upgrade before some people-who-like-to-live-dangerously will do first and find out potential issues
Nov 15th 2019 5:52am
Windows 10 1909 is a service pack for 1903. You can easily get rid of the update and go back to 1903. 20H1 is going to be a bigger release. Optional Updates are coming back lmao