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so, instead of buying EVGA RTX 2080 Super graphics card, I got RME ADI-2 DAC audio interface, dayum it's totally worth it
Nov 1st 2019 8:28pm
Nice! I myself got Chord Mojo and so far it proven itself for that price.
Nov 1st 2019 8:35pm
I would have taken the GPU... xD
Nov 1st 2019 8:58pm
I'm using it as spdif-XLR DAC, fed from my PCIex HDSPe AIO interface, optical fiber finally helps with no electrical loops between PC and speakers :)
Nov 1st 2019 8:59pm
@xquatrox I feel like 2080 is still a ripoff - for that price I expect at least 2080 Ti
Nov 1st 2019 9:01pm
I expect a lot of things in life, but the market dictates the prices anyway :)
Nov 1st 2019 9:38pm
I was actually considering Chord Qutest even go as high as considering Chord Hugo 2, since I've had Chord Mojo for quite some time and wanted an upgrade. But after reading some comparisons between Qutest, Hugo 2 and RME ADI-2 DAC it does seem RME is considered better.
Nov 1st 2019 9:58pm
I've been using RME interfaces in studios for years, but this DAC is their first time entering hifi market, I like the way they were actually thinking and provided useful features such as automatic electric output balance to minimize noise ratio, loudness 20db range of natural human ear frequency curve; I will try the 5-band EQ to match my room acoustics better later too :) I buy used piece though, the full price is still kinda crazy, despite people say it's most transparent DAC under 2500$...