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so, yesterday Windows 10 fried my old trusty EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked fair to say, that card has been serving well for over 6 years, so it might have just retired itself... it's been THE card which brought me back into gaming, R.I.P. buddy, you shall never be forgotten
Nov 1st 2019 11:55am
Would like to hear your theory on how Win10 fried your 770. ;-)
Nov 1st 2019 12:40pm
how did a piece of software fry your graphics card?
Nov 1st 2019 12:45pm
I will properly examine the problem, no time to do it anytime soon though, card doesn't appear in Windows, but video flows from it to the monitor - it can theoretically be a PSU problem of not providing enough power, but it's weird issue
Nov 1st 2019 3:40pm
i shall observe a moment of silence for the loss of your most trusted GPU
Nov 1st 2019 5:39pm
Using Win10 clearly makes you post stupid sh*t, man. You should go back to the mac :)
Nov 1st 2019 6:35pm
It really looks like Windows 10 has very strong feelings against you.
Nov 2nd 2019 10:18pm
Gee Windows 10 must be the worst huh!