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Hello everyone. is ddr3 1600mhz ram speed enough for core i7 4790 3.6ghz for 1080p ultra 60 fps no anti aliasing? peace.
Oct 20th 2019 2:08pm
Ram speed/frequency has almost no effect on gaming performance(im talking about less than even 1-2 percent). It only becomes noticible when you are performing heavily multi-threaded workloads that can actually manage tu utilize high speed memories. Also, not every processor utilizes high speed memories to their max potential. So I'd say you're pretty fine there. No problems whatsoever.
Oct 20th 2019 2:27pm Here shows how differing ram speeds vary in performance (which is negligible here)
Oct 20th 2019 3:12pm
thanks buddy for the answer
Oct 20th 2019 5:40pm
It's enough for my i7 4790 and 1070 for 1440p, but as already said by keeperoftheflame, it makes no real difference.
Oct 21st 2019 2:03am
The 1070 is alright for 1440p gaming. Is the CPU the K version?
Oct 21st 2019 3:59am
Non k buddy
Oct 21st 2019 2:43pm
That sucks. What a waste of money.
Oct 21st 2019 9:43pm
Hey, I have the non K version and at the time it was £100 less than the K version :(
Oct 21st 2019 9:45pm
And on amazon today it's still £85 cheaper.