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Is registry cleaner safe and will it improve my pc ???
Oct 19th 2019 8:08pm
sure it is and it will help only if you have malware in your registers but probably won't catch a big portion of it and uninstall it after you use it.
Oct 19th 2019 9:10pm
What is the best one
Oct 19th 2019 9:18pm
Oct 19th 2019 9:57pm
you can also use windows search and type in this %temp% and delete everything in there sometimes it will tell you certain files cant be deleted as they are in use so just skip those also you can go to C:windows and find "prefetch" and delete everything in there you can do this about once a month or so as these folders
Oct 19th 2019 9:57pm
can get pretty big and full of files that are mostly there to prefetch and temporarily be used... this can slow down older machines
Oct 20th 2019 6:39am
Naravno da će ti poboljšati performanse kompjutera. Ne mnogo, ali hoće.