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lion94 avatar linus 8k 60hz video.
Aug 4th 2019 10:24pm
Been a while since I heard from you. How are you?
Aug 5th 2019 4:12am
i am good buddy. i lost my internet. was not able to online.
Aug 5th 2019 7:10am
Damn. Like it went down totaly or just for you?
Aug 5th 2019 7:52am
Linus is so extreme he's always memed about dropping everything.
Aug 5th 2019 11:38am
just for me buddy.
Aug 5th 2019 3:31pm
Welcome Back
Aug 6th 2019 3:37am
Aug 6th 2019 6:02am
Aug 6th 2019 9:43am
@lion94 Hope you have a better internet connection now. By any chance can you change ISP's?