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why we call 3840x2160 4k. we should call it 3 or 3.8k? similarly 7680x4320 7k or 7.6k not 8k? thanks. peace.
Aug 4th 2019 9:46pm
because it's close to 4k and 8k Otherwise, 4096x2160 is true 8k
Aug 4th 2019 9:56pm
4096x2160 is true 4k*
Aug 5th 2019 6:48am
Let's make a test, shall we? Does 3.8K sounds better than 4K?
Aug 5th 2019 7:12am
You know it does.
Aug 5th 2019 7:52am
Aug 5th 2019 9:31am
It does help at least with signifying it's 4x the pixel count of 1080p. Sort of.
Aug 6th 2019 4:59pm
Similarly like my 4GB pendrive is not 4GB rather 3.7Gb and my 1TB HDD is actually 900+ something GB
Aug 7th 2019 3:55pm
@MaxPayne95 It is not the same thing. HDD's are calculated in bytes, 1mb= 1024bytes Therefore 1,000,000,000,000 bytes = 976,600,000 kilobytes = 953,674 megabytes = 931.3 gigabytes = 0.905 terrabytes. in your case
Aug 7th 2019 10:20pm
@ThroughTheGame well, it's normal. Kilo = 10^3 Mega = 10^6 Giga = 10^9 the binary 2 to the power of N is not really correct and only used by Microsoft and a few other big companies.