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Are Acer gaming laptops durable? I'm planning to buy the nitro 5 2019 edition (GTX 1650) and I want to use it for 3-4 years. Should I go for it or not?
Jun 15th 2019 10:17am
can't say how durable are specific ones, but I have Acer laptop with 940m and it still works perfectly after 3.5 years. Didn't drop it, didn't use it on blankets and stuff. GPU was overclocked few times. Went through at least 100 games on it from start to finish. Basically, it went through much, but at the same time cousin had other acer laptop with same gpu and gpu died after only 2 months. It's mistery
Jun 15th 2019 10:33am
It pretty much depends on how we use it right?
Jun 15th 2019 11:36am
They've got slightly above average quality for all but the cheapest/lowest price ranges and average for the cheapest so they are good. I've opened 4-5 for maintenance in the past few years and I've watched/read other people analysing them
Jun 15th 2019 2:59pm
I've seen so many people complain. My friend's nitro 5 died within 2 months from purchase so I'm a bit skeptical about them. Do you think I should shell out more money and get a Lenovo Legion? It's about $150 costlier than the Acer one(Same specs though)
Jun 15th 2019 5:12pm
I've never seen a Nitro before, only Aspires and Swifts, but when I see a laptop with high specs and a very "good"(low) price for those specs I stay away, that is usually the equivalent of buying a 10$ 800W PSU, it's not 800W on the +12V rail, not even half of it and when you open it, it's like it was built in a Chinese garage by 10-year-olds... I'm not saying anything about the Nitro, just read about it, seems to have good build quality too, your friend must have been unlucky. I'd buy one, cuz the ram and hdd/ssd is easily accessible, just two plates on the bottom
Jun 15th 2019 6:25pm
I've read the reviews, everything about the laptop is good except heat management. The i5 9300H hits 94c(without undervolting) and the GTX 1650 hovers around 75c which is acceptable. Lenovo legion has a better cooling system but costs $150 more. I'm more inclined towards Lenovo because of the after sales support. One of the drives in my laptop failed after 6 months of purchase, they replaced it within 3 days. It was hassle free. I've been using that laptop for about 3 years now and there hasn't been any issues after getting the drive replaced.
Jun 15th 2019 6:32pm
Some people are positive about Acer's after sales support while some say it's absolutely miserable. I've asked people on Reddit and I got mixed bag of responses. I've been thinking about it for the past few weeks and I can't really come to a decision :/
Jun 15th 2019 7:13pm
Hey if it has a cooling problem spend the extra 150$ and get the Lenovo. Laptops are never either good or bad, there are always people with problems, I personally don't like my Lenovo, overpriced for the specs and once when my brother accidentally splashed tomato sauce in the ventilation hole on the side I had to open it and to my surprise, the casing is a high-quality polymer plastic, but the insides are cheap plastic. Of course I bought a laptop because I needed a laptop, otherwise, I'd never get one, and it was only 700$, but for 120$ less I could have gotten the HP250 with the same specs, but oh well. Lenovo Legion I know have a good build quality.