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RTX 2060 or GTX 1660 Ti for 1080p 60hz gaming?
Apr 29th 2019 10:43am
GTX 1660ti save money and game at 1080p 60hz for the next 2-3 years.
Apr 29th 2019 11:21am
1660Ti should be good for at the very least 2 years. Depends on how the RayTracing tech goes. If devs start pushing it in all games, requirements may increase faster but the 1660Ti should last 2 - 3 years as psycho says
Apr 29th 2019 1:27pm
Ray tracing imo will or at least should stay optionable as current lighting algorithms are already implemented so there is no reason to take them out.
Apr 29th 2019 4:59pm
GTX 1660 Ti IMO. RTX 2060 is costly for the performance anyways and even Ray Tracing doesn't do well that much for even 2060. If you want Ray tracing atleast get RTX 2070.
Apr 29th 2019 6:13pm
a used 1070
Apr 30th 2019 3:23am
RTX 2060 is a 1440p 60Hz card.
Apr 30th 2019 3:43am
agree @psychoman but my point was, if it saves development time, they might think it's too costly or time consuming or both, to implement both lighting techniques. I hope current lighting algo's remain too. Sometimes it suits certain scenes better imo.
Apr 30th 2019 5:34am
Well, Ray Tracing is not as easy and as fast as Nvidia makes it out to be. Often times devs will need to manually tune the light source, because you don't always want the source of light to emit it equally as bright light in every direction. Is it faster than artificial lighting? Yeah sure, but it's not a couple day job either like Nvidia would like people to believe.
Apr 30th 2019 6:33am
@zenmaster A used 1070 ? Why in the hell ? It's gonna cost same.
Apr 30th 2019 12:18pm
@MaxPayne95 i can get a used gtx 1070 for 160€ how is that the same?
Apr 30th 2019 1:16pm
cheapest gtx 1070 used I can find is 190-210 euro so it really depends on where you live. A new one is 280-290 euro.