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Hey guys, i am looking forward to buy a gaming laptop. Should i get a GTX 1650 variant or wait for GTX 1650 Ti to be released? Any help would be appreciated
Apr 27th 2019 4:17pm
At this point we know nothing of a 1650ti in previous years and generations when there was a GTX X50 Ti it launched either with the X50 of the generation or before if not the only GPU in that tier. So unless they announce a 1650ti until the end of may go for the gtx 1650 laptop
Apr 27th 2019 4:43pm
Thanks for the reply :). Do you think the gtx 1650 would be enough for 1080p high settings at 30 fps for another 2-3 years?
Apr 27th 2019 4:51pm
There's this article on Tom's hadware,it says Asus has registered some GTX 1650 Ti models on the Eurasian Economic Commission. Do check it out,39122.html
Apr 27th 2019 5:17pm
for 1080p high 30fps in the next 2 years for sure, 3 might be pushing it.
Apr 27th 2019 6:46pm
or you could get a decent low-end PC if you have a good internet since cloud gaming is much more common (I am using them myself to play AAA games on Ultra 1080p 60fps on laptop) and get a laptop with good integrated graphics
Apr 27th 2019 6:47pm
you will save a lot and you could buy a lot better specs PC after year or 2
Apr 27th 2019 7:30pm
What is your budget?
Apr 28th 2019 12:52am
The thing is, I need the laptop for my college stuff and I can't afford to buy a laptop as well as a desktop. My budget is $1000 max.
Apr 28th 2019 5:13pm
If you can wait, I'm sure some better offer will pop up but don't wait for too long ;)
Apr 29th 2019 7:42pm
From what I can tell there are some decent laptops that you can buy for 1k. I'll post links below so you can see for yourself (disclaimer, I didn't bother linking each separately, just copied the most recent fav list. Price and performance are still ok). Link 1 Link 2
Apr 29th 2019 7:44pm
There's also an option for a laptop with a 1660Ti tho it's 1200$ Link 3 You can probably find some bargains here and there so the prices are likely to drop if you get lucky. Hope this helps a little.
Apr 29th 2019 7:45pm
Found a cheaper link for the 1660Ti, 1100$ on Newegg. Link below
Apr 29th 2019 7:47pm
He's going PC mate.
Apr 29th 2019 8:05pm
If he's going that route ok.
Apr 30th 2019 7:38pm
Just wait
Apr 30th 2019 7:45pm
@TinTin03 What he said