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How's Twitch?
Nov 25th 2018 11:31am
Haven't been active in a while, as i had some stuff interfering (govt not giving me money as unemployed fast enough) and had to sell my 1070Ti so couldn't stream because of performance issues and now that i have a Vega 56 instead I need to wait few days to get my secondary monitor back up'n running (need an HDMI-DVI adapter as V56 only has HDMI and DP ports) Otherwise It's went well
Nov 25th 2018 11:46am
What was/is your main topic?
Nov 25th 2018 3:06pm
I just do what i feel like doing, nothing else
Nov 26th 2018 12:11pm
What game did you last cover?
Nov 26th 2018 12:35pm
OSU!, before that PUBG, but i play different games every day, and change games mid-stream depending on how pissed i get at 1 game
Nov 26th 2018 12:46pm
What's OSU? Tried to figure it out, but no luck.
Nov 26th 2018 12:58pm
Rhytm game
Nov 26th 2018 9:32pm