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Bought an 1600X, just came today, and i got it to 4.1Ghz 1.425V LLC 3 ;P
Mar 8th 2018 8:54pm
Make sure it stays cold. Really good overclock.
Mar 11th 2018 5:07am
I need that OC to not lose any FPS while streamin, and it's not even that hot while gamin & streamin. only get's to 55 with my 240 AiO that has EK Vardar EVO's ~1370rpm
Mar 11th 2018 5:08am
Aida 64 gets it to 67C though
Mar 11th 2018 6:41am
That's good. Overclock it as much as you can. Along with your GPU.
Mar 11th 2018 12:44pm
My gpu doesn't overclock at all. Can't get any memory clock out of it. if i even put 100mhz more i get artifacting, and if i put more than +70 core Powerlimit comes against me and it core clocks down to 1950 from 2030
Mar 12th 2018 5:50am
Damn. You're limited.
Mar 30th 2018 8:12am
I've fine tuned the voltage. 4.1Ghz 1.41V LLC 1
Mar 30th 2018 10:30am
Nice! Hopefully with a stable overclock
Apr 14th 2018 7:36am
Finetuned it even more 4.15Ghz 1.41V LLC1
Apr 14th 2018 7:54am
OOF No need for any upgrades for a while. Nice!