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Have you guys ever seen a desktop PCI-E GTX 950m card? I have XD, i bought it for 5€ from an asus prebuilt pc that got upgraded with a better one.
Jul 16th 2017 2:51am
You mean without the "m" at the end right? I haven't seen any desktop gpu that has an "m" after the number. "m" stands for mobile.
Jul 16th 2017 5:22am
It was an GTX950m chip embedded onto a normal 950 gpu's board (asus OEM component) from this pc, I thinked first, that this can't be true, but after checking and everything with my own pc it was true, a FUCKING mobile gpu in a form factor of a desktop card
Jul 16th 2017 7:08am
Now that is 1 serious WTF moment. So is it any good & have you compared it to a desktop variant?
Jul 16th 2017 7:40am
I could only get it to show what it was with my pc, but it sadly only works with that one and only oem pc, that it came with
Jul 16th 2017 7:58am another link, but this time from my own country ;D. not in sale anymore, as there only might have been a limited number of pc's sold, and in just a few countries at that.
Jul 16th 2017 1:28pm
I hate OEM-s that restrict hardware etc...