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It’s no secret by now that Star Citizen has its fingers in a lot of pies and, not content with delivering what appears to be the most in-depth space simulator of all time, it’s looking like it’s also got a mighty fine first-person-shooter component judging by its reveal at PAX Australia this weekend.
Star Citizen is a game of many parts. Rather than focus on a single core concept Star Citizen is all about choice. You can go anywhere. You can do anything. A concept as sprawling as this needs something to rein it in a little though, which is where Squadron 42 comes in. For the legions of Wing Commander fans out there, Squadron 42 is Star Citizen.
In the past week the funding rolling in for Star Citizen has soared by $2 million, taking the total raised for the forthcoming epic space simulator up to a massive $58 million. The surge in contributions this week was linked to the planetside gameplay footage that was revealed by Roberts Space Industries' leading man Chris Roberts at Citizen Con 2014.
The first footage has emerged of the planetary exploration features set to be integrated into the groundbreaking sci-fi MMO Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games head honcho Chris Roberts was on hand at Star Citizen’s fan conference event, CitizenCon 2014, to reveal the in-game footage of a pilot getting out of his ship and wandering around an impressively detail city.
After decades spent working apart, the trailblazing sci-fi developers Erin and Chris Roberts team up once more. The brothers were around at the dawn of PC gaming and broke new ground back in the 90s with Wing Commander, birthing an entire genre and making a slice of PC gaming history in the process.
No matter how you look at it, Star Citizen is destined to have a huge impact on the PC gaming landscape. In a time when traditional publisher-backed game development takes the occasional backseat to crowd funded independents, the dev team over at Roberts Space Industries turned up on Kickstarter in 2012 and delivered their gaming vision pitch perfect.
Crowd-funded epic-scale space sim Star Citizen has smashed through more than $51 million in funding from its backers, and a pair of new trailers show us what all this cash is actually being spent on. The funding behind Cloud Imperium Games’ title knows no bounds, raking in more than $2 million in the last fortnight, owed in large part to the release of new ships for sale over the weekend.
The crowd-funded intergalactic juggernaut that is Star Citizen has smashed through more than $48 million worth of funding, with Cloud Imperium head honcho Chris Roberts announcing a new $50 million stretch goal.
Star Citizen’s eagerly anticipated Arena Commander dogfighting module has been delayed.
Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts has expressed his passion for the PC as a gaming platform in a blog post aimed at shutting down rumours that the crowd-funded RPG would ditch PC in favour of PlayStation 4.
From the looks of the support Star Citizen has garnered with it’s crowdfunding campaign, people are still very much supporting the project.