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Last year when we went and had a chat with Cloud Imperium Games’ Erin Roberts he seemed pretty confident that all of base modules for Star Citizen would be in place by now, and the single-player Squadron 42 component would be ready to hit in mid-2015. Fast forward nearly a year, and now the hugely ambitious Star Citizen’s first-person shooter module has been delayed for the foreseeable future, with Squadron 42 expected to follow in its wake. 
Cloud Imperium Games have unleashed a wealth of information on the upcoming Star Marine first-person shooter module set to hit Star Citizen. Following in the footsteps of the Arena Commander module, Star Marine is another part of the core gameplay which will be integral to both Star Citizen and its Squadron 42 single-player campaign.
Prices for Star Citizen ships can be out of this world. With ships of all variations and sizes, to suit any interest space traveller's needs. This latest update to the multi million dollar crowd funded PC only online sci-fi title will include the REC credit system. This is Roberts Space Industries first pass at rental credits that will allow payment free progression in Arena Commander. Existing backers get 5000 REC to start them off.
Rocky. Team America. The Godfather. Movie montages are the bee knees, so it should come as little surprise to see Cloud Imperium Games space epic Star Citizen get in on the action with this melodramatic trailer at South by Southwest’s Gaming Expo; clearly the folks at CIG have a soft spot for rousing scores.
You’d best start clearing out your SSDs because Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has revealed it expects the Star Citizen launch client to be at least 100GB. Cloud Imperium’s Jeremy Masker confirmed as much in a recent Star Citizen Q&A session, estimating the install size to be at least 100GB, with patches ranging from 2GB-20GB in size.
Star Citizen’s eagerly anticipated first-person shooter module is nearing release, developer Cloud Imperium Games has confirmed. The Arena Commander dogfighting update is expected to hit the public test server any day now, and once CIG has this sorted it’s turning its attention to the imminent FPS module.
Cloud Imperium Games is about to begin its most intense schedule of releases for Star Citizen yet, with plans in place for the launch of Arena Commander 1.1, the first-person shooter module, and the 'social module', which is the first chunk of the persistent universe.
Like a hulking great capital ship drifting serenely through space, development on the immensely promising Star Citizen continues apace. Cloud Imperium Games’ massively-multiplayer spacefarer should see its single-player component arrive in just a matter of months, but until then players can already get to grips with the Arena Commander mode, which has just received a hefty update.
The gaming world’s attention might be squarely focused on the recent launch of Elite: Dangerous, but Cloud Imperium Games has given us a little nudge that it still means business with the incredible looking Star Citizen.
When we went up for a chat with the Star Citizen folks a little while back the conversation inevitably turned towards system requirements. It's no secret by now that Cloud Imperium Games has some pretty lofty ambitions for its spacefaring epic, chiefly in regard to the sheer scope of the project, which is unlike any other. 
With a game as ambitious and successful as Star Citizen, it inevitably eventually hits a roadblock. The crowdfunding success keeps smashing through target after target, just recently hitting $63 million funding. The only problem is the team at Cloud Imperium Games needs to keep dreaming up new ideas for where to use all that funding.