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As entirely obvious as it is, it was nice to hear confirmation from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford at PAX East that there will be a Borderlands 3. We just need to get Battleborn out of the way first.
Sure we’ve had the stop-gap that was the Pre-Sequel, but we haven’t had a proper sequel to Borderlands 2 since 2012, and it goes without saying that we’re ready for it. That delicious mix of number crunching, loot hoarding, and enemy splatting proves difficult to resist, but it looks like Gearbox Software is at last ready to start on Borderlands 3.
Gearbox Software has assured fans in a recent interview that there will be a next-gen Borderlands 3 at some point in the future.
Hang up your 88 million rifle combinations lads and ladies, Gearbox has confirmed that Borderlands 3 is not currently not development.
The first Borderlands was a risky move by Gearbox Software, introducing a game no one has ever seen before. The sales were average, not great. Yet Gearbox decided to develop a sequel: Borderlands 2.