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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... is an upcoming remaster of the original game that was released only in Japan on the PlayStation 3. Thankfully it's finally coming to PC, and with a release date of April 23rd, Square Enix has provided the official PC system requirements...
THQ's upcoming furry kung-fu adventure is launching on May 25th this year, and in anticipation the developers have already revealed the official PC system requirements for the game. There a few noteworthy issues, but overall you won't need the latest hardware that you can't even buy to run Biomutant at its best at least.
It's official and finally happening, the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise is coming to the PC platform. The entire series was once a console exclusive, but the critically acclaimed and fan favorite games will be coming to PC on March 30th as an Epic Games Store exclusive. At this point it is not known whether it is a timed exclusive and coming to Steam at a later date, or whether it's a full exclusive to the EGS.
Rebellion's upcoming spyfy lair-building game where you take control of a criminal mastermind hell bent on total world domination is arriving in just over a month, and so Rebellion have revealed the official Evil Genius 2 PC system requirements, and they don't require an evil supercomputer to run...
The Mass Effect Remaster/Remake is officially arriving on May 14th, and whilst the last two games of the trilogy are just traditional remasters, the original Mass Effect 1 will be a light remake. But how well will it perform on our systems? And what kind of PC hardware do I need to run Mass Effect Legendary Edition?
We're just a day away from the Yakuza Remastered Collection officially launching on PC, which includes the titular Yakuza 5 Remastered. Based on the Yakuza Remastered Collection PC system requirements below, pretty much anybody will be able to run them.
Bloober Team's next venture into a scaretacular horror story takes us into the world of the spirits and unholy creatures. The Medium is due out soon, and we already got some system requirements a while back, but with the announcement of the RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series these have been updated slightly.
The latest shooter from People Can Fly, Outriders, has recently been delayed by a little while but at least a demo will be coming out soon. So, in preparation for the demo, Square Enix has released the official Outriders PC system requirements and they're not that demanding.
The anime-Dark Souls hit Nioh 2 is officially landing on the PC platform next month with plenty of PC-specific features to enjoy. Although it will support 4K and HDR, it was still a port from a PlayStation 4 game, so what kind of hardware will you need to run it?
Atomic Heart is shaping up to be quite a mystery at the moment. With little to no transparency on development, and no release date in sight yet. Though despite all this developers Mundfish have given us a brand new update regarding some early PC system requirements.