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If there’s any publisher that doesn’t mess around with the integrity of its single-player experiences, it’s Bethesda, and fortunately, it sounds as if the same holds true for Rage 2. Id Software and Avalanche Studio’s open-world blow-em-up will be totally free of loot boxes.
Okay, so I definitely wasn’t alone in having doubts about Rage 2, particularly when we knew so little. But, well, Bethesda has just revealed the first gameplay trailer for Rage 2 and it looks pretty fucking awesome.
In a bombshell announced, Bethesda has officially unveiled Rage 2. Well knock me sideways, I am flabbergasted. How did they keep this under wraps?  
Uh oh, Walmart Canada’s put its foot in it now. The nationwide store put up dozens of pre-order listings for new games on its online store yesterday, including plenty of games that have to even be announced.
Bethesda has confirmed development on Doom 4, but the release date is still unknown, and a long way away.