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Ubisoft's latest foray into the Battle Royale landscape has brought us Hyper Scape; a slick, fast-paced, and stylish FPS made entirely with live streaming in mind, allowing for audiences to vote for significant game-changing events and effects to appear in-game. The PC Technical Test finished yesterday and with no official release date in sight just yet, we ran some benchmarks to see how well HyperScape performs in it's current state and how demanding it really is. That way we can have a guess as to when the game will officially release and what kind of performance we can expect too.
Alright cowboys, the showdown is nearly upon us. Who will win? How does Desperados 3 perform on our PC systems? The wild west is an unforgiving place and rewards players for their quick-reflexes and sharp eyes, so does D3 disappoint? Or does it win the duel between game performance and PC hardware? Let's take a look.
It's time to start a robot revolution, as the hour of mankind begins to dwindle, it's up to you to stop the evil forces at work. But how will you be able to handle it? Is your PC up to snuff? We take a look at the FPS performance for various graphics cards in the upcoming sci-fi action game Disintegration.
Good evening, adventurers. What's that? You want to battle hordes of mobs and venture into the deep crypts to thwart the plans of the illagers in a fight for our blocky survival? Well hop on in! It's time to see how well Minecraft? Or is it somehow a bit more demanding? Let's take a look...
It's been a long time coming, and the wait has most certainly been worth it. PC players are now able to experience the glorious sage of Master Chief in his second chapter of the Halo series, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, is out now for PC players on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.
SnowRunner, is a popular driving sim, that lets the player drive massive trucks into and through mud and snow, and its out now for PC. Like lots of other similar simulator titles this game needs to look good, to deliver the right levels of immersion while driving. And to do this right, a game like SnowRunner comes with a hefty PC hardware performance cost. Whilst we've been having a lot of fun exploring the great open areas in SnowRunner, we wanted to see how well the game performs on a selection of graphics cards, especially considering how physics simulation-heavy it is. So does it perform about as well as a wet piece of cardboard? Or does it blitz through like a truck through paper? Let's find out...
The Port Royale 4 Beta is out for those who have pre-ordered the game, and whilst we're excited to jump into the lush waters of the Caribbean islands, we thought we would put together our Port Royale 4 Beta graphics benchmark report to help us PC gamers know how well it might run on our hardware. Its certainly worth pointing out again that this is the beta and so hasĀ limited graphics settings availableĀ at the moment.
Gears Tactics is finally out on PC, the spin-off from the main Gears of War franchise has taken a surprising turn into tactical strategy combat, but how does the game perform? Does it run as expected according the PC system requirements? We've run some benchmarks using the official in-game benchmarking tool and collected all our results and presented them here so we can all have a look at the game's performance.
The Resident Evil 3 Remake has just arrived, after the demo we played a while back, it seemed that the RE3 Remake might not exactly be the most optimized game currently. But does the final game fix that? How well does the Resident Evil 3 Remake perform? Let's find out...
Call of Duty Warzone has made an absolute killing online, recruiting over 30 million players in just 1 week after launch it has already been one of the fastest growing Battle Royale games ever, no thanks to it's new free-to-play model. But how well does it perform? In this article we're going to test a variety of graphics cards and how well they can run CoD Warzone.
Mount and Blade 2 has galloped it's way to us finally, officially launch into Early Access yesterday. Lets see a variety of graphics cards and how well they run Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. We will compare FPS on Low and Ultra graphics presets to see the type of frame rates you might expect on your PC.