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If you’re one of the millions who are no doubt Overwatch-ing today, be sure you grab the latest drivers before you do. AMD’s newfound fondness for drivers means it’s got yet another Radeon Crimson update ready, while Nvidia has pushed out a Game Ready driver for the week’s biggest releases.
Those of you lying in squalid and dimly lit dens, shivering and moaning while tears of anguish and desperation course down your weathered faces as you fight off the violent itch for more of that delicious Overwatch fix - breathe a sigh of relief. You’ll be able to shoot, rocket and grenade your way to ecstasy in just a few days, with Blizzard confirming the release date for May 23rd and 24th for it’s upcoming class based shooter.
It seems Blizzard may have struck gold yet again with Overwatch, if the Open Beta numbers are anything to go by. In Blizzard’s biggest beta ever, 9.7 million players were recorded playing over the free weekend, clocking over 81 million hours across 37 million matches.
The latest GeForce drivers have been released, and based on the reactions to the two previous driver updates Nvidia has pushed out, if you're running fine you may be better off taking a wait and see approach. 364.72 and 364.91 borked a number of machines, with some forced to rollback to prevent system crashes. I’ve had a few of these myself, so I’m hoping to grab this new one and have it all sorted.
The first Overwatch isn’t even out there door yet, but already Blizzard has plans for the inevitable sequel. Jeff Kaplan, lead game designer at Blizzard, spoke recently about grander plans for the Overwatch universe, including the animated shorts, web comics, a potential sequel, and even taking the series into different genres. World of Overwatch, anyone?
To me the Overwatch beta is like when I used to get detention at school during break time. I’d just watch out the window as everyone else was having fun, while I just wasted my time writing lines or some other nonsense. If you hadn’t guessed I’m a little bit salty that I haven’t been invited to the Overwatch beta.
Blizzard has done its best Pixar impression with a new animated short for the upcoming Overwatch, and I have to say it’s standing toe-to-toe with the animation gurus. It focuses on a genetically-enhanced ape known as Winston, showing his back story and how he became the behemoth he is in the team-based shooter.
I love a good leak, and it’s quite rare for Blizzard to spring one, but a botched advertising campaign has seen Overwatch’s release date get out there early. Said advert was quickly snaffled away for use at a later date, but not until the internet had consumed it, disseminated it, and shouted it off the proverbial roof tops.
The Overwatch beta is back in full force. Or at least I hear it is. I’m still sat staring glumly at my inbox, waiting for an invite to drop in. Alas no luck just yet, but Blizzard has said it’s just sent out another round, so keep an eye out. If you’ve been accepted already then Blizzard is ringing in the changes with this updated beta test, including new maps, a new game mode, and the usual balancing tweaks,
After a bit of a lengthy wait, Blizzard has announced that the Overwatch beta will be returning this month. The next closed test is scheduled to kick off this coming Tuesday, February 9th, and will be packing plenty of new goodies for those who have already exhausted the delights of the last beta test.
If you weren’t one of the few that squeezed into the last Overwatch beta back in December, then you might have a bite at it next month when Blizzard rolls out a new test edition of its class-based shooter. Blizzard’s original plan was to get a second closed beta running by mid-January, but it’s slipped back into February.