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So cast your mind back to October 2012. We know, it’s hard, but if you can you’ve just cast your mind back to when Star Citizen’s original Kickstarter campaign started off. A long time has passed since then and recently some members of the Star Citizen community have been having a go at the devs for taking so long to complete the game. Chris Roberts director of Star Citizen has seemingly had enough and has announced a major change in the company to combat this.
If you’ve always wanted to give Star Citizen a try but haven’t been brave enough to fork over cold, hard credits for a digital spaceship, then perhaps now your time has come. Star Citizen is totally free to play for the rest of October. All you need to do is make a Star Citizen account, enter a promo code, and get lost in space.
For a few, brief, tantalising months, procedural planet generation was the 'in' thing. An infinite universe of possibilities. Something totally wondrous just around the corner. And then No Man’s Sky happened, bringing procedural generation crashing back to down to Earth with a thud. Looking to resurrect the idea from the ashes is Cloud Imperium Games with Star Citizen. They’ve just shown off the procedurally generated planets in a huge new video and the results are rather more impressive.
Firstly a Cloud Imperium Games representative said in an interview that Star Citizen’s single-player Squadron 42 module had been pushed back until “at least 2017”, then just a few hours later CIG came and flat out denied it. As it turns out it was the former that was true - CIG announced at its annual CitizenCon event over the weekend that Squadron 42 won’t be releasing in 2016.
Star Citizen is undoubtedly one of, if not the most ambitious ambitious game of all time. For every amazing CitizenCon trailer that shows off full-blown FPS mechanics or planetary landings though, we’re inevitably treated to a sizeable delay. The latest casualty is Star Citizen’s single-player Squadron 42 campaign module, which Chris Roberts has said won’t be seeing the light of day until “at least 2017”.
For players of a sci-fi leaning the wait until No Man’s Sky finally arrives has been a painful one. Numerous delays coupled with wondering whether it was ever even going to come to PC has been enough to cause even the sanest minds to construct rickety spaceships in their back gardens in the hopes of one day blasting off. The best way to wait though has been to tuck into the already glorious space sims out there, with three reigning supreme over all - Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and EVE Online.
Star Citizen is making waves again and the latest 2.4 version of the alpha release refines the overall experience of the game by including new game options as well as the addition of new missions in the open world, persistent sci-fi universe.
If the prospect of spending up to $18,000 on digital spaceships was a bit too terrifying, Cloud Imperium Games is offering a brief taster of Star Citizen’s (hopefully) many and varied thrills with a week of free play. Patience is a virtue you see, because now there’s now nothing between you and a week’s unfettered access, lost in the stars.
In one small step for man, one giant leap for gamingkind, Cloud Imperium Games has launched the Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 today. This huge alpha finally amalgamates many of Star Citizen’s disparate parts, bringing together its persistent universe, ship-to-ship battles and FPS combat. Yep, it’s actually a proper game now.
Over the past few months there’s been a surge of negativity surrounding Star Citizen. Questions are being asked, and rightly so, about just whether Roberts Space Industries’ title is ever going to arrive, or indeed if it can live up to its ambitious premise. Just when things seemed to be coming to a head, CIG go and host the annual CitizenCon and go and blow everyone away again.
Cloud Imperium Games, which is the parent company of the creators of Star Citizen has rejected rumours of layoffs, saying that the company is only undergoing a reorganization of its development teams. Things are going according to plan.