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Now we’ve got that Far Cry New Dawn tryhard out the way, it’s time to turn our attention back to Rage 2. Bethesda has just dropped a rather delightful new trailer for the first-person open-world shooter, packed full to the rafters with all sorts of maniacally inventive death-dealing.
We’re getting very near to go time on Rage 2 and Bethesda has revealed an extensive new featurette on Rage 2 that reveals a whole bunch of new locations, abilities, and brutal weapons for tackling this apocalyptic wasteland.
Fresh gameplay footage has emerged of Rage 2, the new open-world first-person shooter in development at Avalanche Studios and Id Software.
Bethesda revealed a frankly belting new trailer for Rage 2 during the Game awards, alongside a much-anticipated release date for the open-world shooter. Rage 2 will be available on May 14th, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
There’s been a lot going on this last week, what with the reveal of Nvidia’s next-gen gaming graphics cards and of course Gamescom 2018. So you’ll just have to forgive me for totally overlooking a brand spanking, blood-soaked new Rage 2 gameplay that dropped in midweek.
We somehow missed this one from Friday evening, but Bethesda also showed off an extensive new look at Rage 2 during QuakeCon. Rage 2 is the end product of FPS maestros id Software joining forces with the kings of open-world carnage, Avalanche Studios, and it definitely shows.
It's the final day of group stages of the GD World Cup 2018. Yesterday we had our most closely fought group yet and we'd love to see more of the same. All you've got to do is vote for you most anticipated games in the polls below to be in with a chance of grabbing the grand prize.
We're coming up to the end of our first round of matches in the GD World Cup 2018, and two tournament favourites are about to slug it out. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to step out onto the pitched against Death Stranding. All you've got to do is vote on your most anticipated game to stand a chance of winning our grand prize.
It was the leakiest of leaks, but Bethesda finally got the chance to show off Rage 2 in a proper fashion, kicking off its E3 2018 press conference with an in-depth gameplay trailer from the open-world shooter.
Regular bomb droppers Bethesda are back with another live showcase at E3 this year. Bethesda is never short of one or two surprises and it's sure to be a show absolutely worth tuning into this year.
Just Cause and Rage 2 developer Avalanche Studios has been snapped up by Nordisk Film. The Nordic entertainment company is looking to expand its roster of Nordic game developers, and the acquisition of Avalanche Studios for €89 million ($103 million) is its biggest purchase yet.