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It’s no secret that Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 is going to be the sleeper hit of this year, as we were all absolutely blown away by the incredible graphics on show. Whether you’re interested in actually purchasing the game, or simply want to gawk at it’s beautiful environments, Microsoft have unveiled some brand new screenshots to showcase the gorgeous graphics.
The moment is finally upon us, the time when we get to see just exactly how demanding the new Microsoft Flight Simulator really is. Ever since we got that first glimpse and subsequent updates later, it has completely blown us away in terms of graphics and features. Somehow this obscure little game about flying has turned into one of 2020’s most anticipated games.
We’re deep in mid-winter here in the UK and it still feels like a relatively balmy autumn day. Snow is seemingly nought but a pipe dream, at least until Asobo Studio rocked up with a frost-draped new trailer for the breathtaking Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Flight sim casuals like myself love drooling over photorealistic landscapes but the real aficionados are the ones gawping at instrumental panels, parking brakes, flaps and fuel valves. On this front, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 absolutely has these folks covered. 
Every time we slap our eyes on Microsoft Flight Simulator we're taken aback by how damned good it looks. You'd think we'd be used it now, some five months after it was revealed, but developer Asobo Studio is truly pulling off graphical wizardry here, or they've entered into a contract with the devil.
Microsoft has been teasing out a few new bits of info on Microsoft Flight Simulator this week, teeing up what sounds like a mightily ambitious project. During an interview with Ars Technica, Microsoft Flight Simulator’s head of development, Jorg Neumann, has outlined a decade-long plan for the aeroplane simulator.
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 continues to be a bewildering beast. Flight sim fans are probably still floating high in dreamland after finding out Microsoft was bringing the beloved series back, although no one probably expected the end result to look as jaw-droppingly good as it does. As far as simulators go, MS Flight Simulator is about damn-near photorealistic as it’s seemingly feasible to get, aided by extensive satellite photography and the of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.
A most unexpected (and nice) surprise was tucked inside Microsoft’s Xbox conference - the announcement of a new Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s the first MS Flight sim since 2006, and the return of one of Microsoft’s PC gaming cornerstones back before 2000 and the arrival of Xbox.
Microsoft is at last making inroads back into the world of PC gaming after its flight of fancy with Xbox, announcing that it’s brought Train Simulator 2014 developer Dovetail Games on board for the next iteration of its long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series.