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If you thought that the PlayStation exclusive content would stop at Spider-Man, unfortunately there’s more, as Sony and Crystal Dynamics recently revealed even more PlayStation exclusive content for Marvel's Avengers. Albeit, timed exclusives and nothing as substantial as a beloved character. Still though, it’s a shame to see all this come out not too long before the official release.
Exclusives aren’t exactly anything new, since the dawn of a console war there have been platform-specific games, but with the recent next-gen consoles promising more PC ports than before like Mirosoft and their Xbox Game Pass, it feels very strange to see some platform-exclusive content within a game. Which is exactly what Sony are doing with Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers.
July’s Marvel's Avengers War Table livestream just debuted, and with it we got a lot of new juicy content to cover, the first of which includes more details about what we can expect when the Beta arrives in just a few weeks, plus a look at some post-launch content like the addition of Hawkeye.
After it already got delayed this year, Marvel's Avengers will officially be touching down in September, but if you’re itch for getting all supered up is just too much then you’ll be happy to know that Square Enix have revealed a new date for the next War Table presentation as well as some Beta test dates for PC and consoles.
Yesterday, Crystal Dynamics hosted a livestream for the upcoming action adventure game Marvel's Avengers, which gave us a brand new trailer, plus some juicy single-player and even some co-op gameplay. So here’s all the highlights from yesterday’s livestream.
Marvel's Avengers is back, and seemingly recovered from the hefty four-month delay it suffered last month. Square Enix has now announced Marvel’s Avengers pre-orders are live, kicking off proceedings with a brand spanking new trailer and pushing live the all-important Steam page. This hopefully confirms Marvel’s Avengers will not be an Epic Games Store exclusive, just in case you were worrying.
Square Enix has hit a double bogey today with the announcement that Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release date being pushed back five weeks.
You’d think, what with Marvel being the biggest name in cinema today, that putting together a tie-in Marvel's Avengers game would be an absolute gimme. You’ve got millions of Marvel movie fans with a thirst for milquetoast superhero action; just bang together a video game and everyone's a winner, surely? Well, not necessarily. The reaction to Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers has been unenthusiastic, to say the least, in particular from those that have actually seen gameplay demonstrations or had some hands-on time.
Like the shady man at the back of the cinema with a cut-price camcorder, there’s always someone who manages to sneak some footage of any secret screenings. A sneaky so and so has managed to grab some footage of Marvel’s Avengers during a closed-door demo session at San Diego Comic-Con this, revealing our first, admittedly shaky and blurry, look at gameplay.
Square Enix took the wraps off of Marvel’s Avengers overnight. Well, sort of, because we got a thoroughly cinematic trailer which showed precious little of how the game will play or be structured.