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Now my first thought when I saw a new Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer pop up was why wasn’t this being saved for Sony’s E3 2016 press conference? As it turns out it’s probably because it was joined by a little slice of bad news - the PS4 exclusive has now been pushed back to 2017. Booooo. Hisssssss. But, never fear, because we’ve still got that trailer to feast on, so dab those tears away and enjoy.
Uh oh, Sony’s line-up of holiday 2016 exclusives took another step towards threadbare with a leak from reputed industry insider shinobi602. He alleges that Guerilla Games’ show-stealing mecha-dino RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn has been pushed back until at least early 2017.
There’s a bit of a Vaseline-smeared haze to much of this video for which I apologise, but Horizon: Zero Dawn was shown off during an impressive gameplay demonstration this weekend at Tokyo Games Show. It’s the first we’ve seen of Guerilla Games’ open-world robo-dino hunting title since its announcement at E3.