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Day 9361, it has been 25 years since the launch of the first PlayStation console in the US, and 19 years since the first Xbox and the start of the great console war. I’m not entirely sure if the war is still going on, but Xbox has seemingly given into the PC master race and have simply decided to coexist with them, and Sony has begun to make deals with both sides. Is the end to the console war in sight? Has it already been over? Or is it really only just beginning?
With the release of the latest Resident Evil game in the mainline series to incredible success and critical acclaim, the RE franchise shows no signs of hitting the brakes. Although we can absolutely expect a Resident Evil 9 eventually, the next logical step is for Capcom to remake everyone’s favorite Resident Evil 4. But when should they stop?
Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise first debuted in 1996, and since then countless sequels and spin-offs have been created and released within the RE universe. Depending on who you ask, you could get a completely different answer to the question: what is your favorite Resident Evil game?
Although physical copies of games are still sold for consoles, PC gamers have long since had to deal with the ramifications of a mostly-digital marketplace. There’s pros and cons to either side, but now we have a whole plethora of stores and online shops to buy PC game keys from in 2021. But which one is the best? Let’s debate!
Every year that rolls around we get brand new games and brand new PC hardware. This last year has been pretty difficult on everyone, so the prospect of actually buying any of the new games (since a lot are delayed) or even getting your hands on a desired piece of hardware is nigh impossible.
Video games, movies, books etc. all are forms of media that can have a profound emotional reaction on those who are consuming it. Art, no matter the medium, can have a long lasting effect, and some experiences we will never forget. So today we want to ask you guys: what PC game have you played that you will never forget?
At first, this may sound like a rehash of our “should gamers upgrade their PC in 2021” Up For Debate earlier this year, but there’s one significant detail here that sets it apart: pre-built gaming PCs. With the global chip shortage affecting every electronics industry including PC hardware, prices for GPUs have skyrocketed, but pre-builts have largely remained the same. So the question now is: is it now cheaper to buy a pre-built gaming PC than build your own in 2021?
To follow on from our Up For Debate a couple weeks ago where we asked “what do you want for the next Assassins Creed?”, we thought we’d ask you guys about another upcoming game that is most likely in development: Grand Theft Auto 6. Or, more specifically, the online component for it.
It’s 2021 and you’ve somehow found yourself on a deserted island. You’ve been given the chance to bring a single 500GB hard drive with you that you can stuff as many games as you want on there. What games did you bring with you and why?
The digital age of video games has brought forth many benefits to the gaming community, but there’s also a lot of downsides too. One of the biggest issues that comes with digital games is multiple storefronts with different launchers to then play your downloaded games. But having multiple launchers is annoying and developers need to stop.
As the world braced for the COVID-19 pandemic last year, everyone had to embrace the life of lockdown. This meant more demand for PC hardware that certainly didn’t help the short supply of graphics cards already at launch, but it also meant lots more time to focus on our backlogs and get lost in a truly immersive game world and story.