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A new expansion pack is coming for Total War: Three Kingdoms - The Furious Wild.
Yesterday Sega announced their new standalone chapter pack for TTotal War: Three Kingdoms, ‘A World Betrayed’ takes place in the immediate aftermath of the devastating 190CE conflict as China’s most formidable warlords clash together in order to conquer the lands and rule supreme over the Han Dynasty.
We didn’t think Mandate of Heaven expansion pack.
As is customary with Total War these days, Creative Assembly has taken its gloves and delivered a blood-splattered new DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms.
In week or so since it came out, Total War: Three Kingdoms has enjoyed the best launch yet for a Total War game. Creative Assembly has said it's already smashed through 1 million sales on Steam. It's well deserved, as you can find out in our TW: Three Kingdoms review. Three Kingdoms: Total War can be a very demanding game though, especially when it comes to the CPU. Your processor is tasked with handling large troop numbers, strategic battles, and AI turns.
Total War: Three Kingdoms has enjoyed a total blockbuster launch weekend. Peaking at 191K concurrent players, TW3K is the most successful launch in Total War franchise history. Potentially millions of us have lived through a bleary-eyed weekend of one-more-turn and chin-stroking strategising. But, Total War: Three Kingdoms isn't a game without its share of technical hiccups and performance issues on PC. 
Following on from our Total War: Three Kingdoms graphics card performance benchmarks and graphics settings analysis, it's time to hone in one graphics setting in particular - Unit Size.
Would you believe it's been almost six long years since we last got a mainline Total War historical strategy game? It was Rome II, if you can remember that far back. After a lengthy sojourn into the realms of Warhammer, CA has brought it all back home with Total War: Three Kingdoms, a sprawling historical RTS and 4X hybrid based on Ancient Chinese warring dynasties.
The grandaddy of strategy is back. After forays into the world of Warhammer, the Total War series returns to its historic roots for the mainline series. Total War: Three Kingdoms lets players become a ruling warlord in Ancient China, plotting, scheming, and engaging in all-out war.
We’ve now got less than a month to go until we get a full-blown new historical Total War game, the first in quite some time. Total War: Three Kingdoms comes to PC on May 23rd, realising a huge three-way conflict between the warring kingdoms of ancient China following the collapse of the Han Empire.
Having sidelined into fantasy with Warhammer for a while, Creative Assembly is back to its core philosophy of historical warfare with Total War: Three Kingdoms, a grand depicting of the warring nations of Ancient China. It'll be waging war on your PC come May 23rd, 2019, and here are the PC specs you'll need to play Total War: 3 Kingdoms.