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The folks over at Creative Assembly and Sega will be releasing their next Total War Saga game later today with A Total War Saga: Troy, and to commemorate the occasion they will be making the entire game available and free to keep for the first 24 hours.
The armies of the Trojan War will be upon us soon, as a Total War Saga: Troy comes out for PC next month. Whether or not you heard that you can get the game for free in the first 24 hours after launch, we're here to take a look at the official PC system requirements for Total War Troy and see how much we'll need to bar the gates. So how demanding is Total War Saga Troy then? Let's take a look...
Looks like the saga of free games continues, and the generosity of the Epic Games Store is not ceasing to stop, as it was recently announced that the new and upcoming A Total War Saga: Troy will be available for free to keep forever within 24 hours of the game’s official launch in August. Yep, that’s right, completely free! In what I can only imagine as some attempt for increased sales on other digital platforms due to more awareness, regarding Tim Sweeney’s comment from yesterday. 
UPDATE: There we go, it's all official now, A total War Saga: Troy has been announced. Creative Assembly's next strategic feature will be inspired by Homer's epic The Iliad, one of the most renowned mythological tales of all time. There are probably a good few elements of truth to the tale but this certainly the closest CA has come to weaving a tale of absolute fiction in its historical series.