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Undoubtedly one of the more bizarre E3 2018 game announcements, The Quiet Man is a story-driven cinematic action game designed to be completed in a single gaming session. Like a fusion between games and movies. In it, you play as Dane, a deaf man who must uncover how and why the singer Lala was kidnapped by a masked man. Square Enix has announced today that The Quiet Man will be coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on November 1st.
Square Enix has provided yet another look at The Quiet Man, its fairly oddball side-project that blends live-action with CG and gameplay. This trailer is all about the combat options available to protagonist Dane, which generally seems to boil down to hitting people in the face as hard as possible.
Square Enix has hosted a live stream showing 43 minutes of gameplay footage from The Quiet Man. If you don’t recognise it, this is a curious little game that was quietly revealed during E3 this year and blends live action with lifelike CG and bits of action-oriented gameplay.