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Bloober Team have finally released their latest horror experience with The Medium, a mind-bending, (literally) reality-splitting game about a Medium on a quest to uncover a dark mystery. It’s Bloober Team’s biggest game to date, and it apparently made all of its money back in just a few days.
Bloober Team's next venture into a scaretacular horror story takes us into the world of the spirits and unholy creatures. The Medium is due out soon, and we already got some system requirements a while back, but with the announcement of the RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series these have been updated slightly.
Bloober Team is back again with another horror title that this time will surely wrinkle our brains. In order to get a proper sense of what the game will be like, the developers have officially released a 14 minute gameplay video, and have also detailed some of the ray tracing effects featured in the title.
If you’re still hella confused about how the ‘Dual Reality’ system works in Bloober Team’s upcoming Horror Thriller The Medium, then luckily the developers have just recently released a video explaining the system in more detail.
Bloober Team's unique and trippy psychological horror experience is coming later this year, but the system requirements for The Medium are already out and they're... pretty interesting. Not only have we got the typical minimum and recommended settings, but we've also got some specific requirements for 4K and 4K with ray tracing.
Bloober Team has a knack for creating some pretty nifty horror experiences, after cementing their success with the Layers of Fear franchise. The Medium is their next foray into the psychological horror landscape and it looks, well, trippy. As a Medium, players will have access to both the physical world and the spirit world.