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¬¬g_id:520[Kingdom Under Fire 2]¬¬ was thought to be a lost game, a title that showed some exciting promise but something that got shelved years back. Well in July of this year we were surprised to be told that KUF2 had a new lease of life and would be along later this year. Well today we can take a look at the Kingdom Under Fire 2 system specs on PC as shown over on their official site and sent to us by their PR reps. The game has also been given a scheduled release date, the 14th November, which excitingly is this time next week.
It's wild to think but all these years later, the seminal Beneath a Steel Sky is set to enjoy a full-blown sequel.¬¬g_id:35895[Beyond a Steel Sky]¬¬ transports the classic point and click adventure game to a new 3D world, one in which an AI surveillance system watches over a Utopian populace keeping them safe, or so they hope. Revolution is promising a dynamic world, divergent choices, and multiple solutions to puzzles rather than relying on putting the rubber chicken on the zip wire. Beyond a Steel Sky is set in a comic-book style world with proper 3D exploration, and here are the system specs you'll require to run it.
Nine years! Nine years we've waited for ¬¬g_id:1052[Halo: Reach]¬¬, and even longer than that since Halo 3 arrived exclusively on Xbox 360. PC gamers were given the cold shoulder by Microsoft for far too long but the entire Halo franchise is coming to PC at long last. It all starts with Halo Reach, one of the final Halo Xbox 360 titles but a direct prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved. There are all sorts of PC beta tests about to kick off as 343 Industries gears up for the PC launch of Halo Reach but, in the meantime, here are the system specs required to run Halo Reach PC.
We've been waiting eight years since its announcement but ¬¬g_id:4517[Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord]¬¬ is almost upon us at long last. The next name in epic feudal warfare, it promises to be a top-to-bottom simulation of medieval life. Bannerlord is every genre you can think of bundled together and shaping up to be the sort of game you could easily pump thousands of hours into. Before you put on your pauldrons and head to war though, here are the official PC system specs for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.
It hasn't been officially announced yet but a store page for ¬¬g_id:36637[Layers of Fear VR]¬¬ has just popped on Steam. Halloween seems as appropriate a time as any to announce this new virtual reality horror experience which appears to be the original Layers of Fear, only this time with all those terrifying visions happening about half an inch from the surface of your eyes.
Another year, another suspiciously hurried launch for the WWE 2K franchise. For whatever reason, 2K has been keeping actual gameplay of ¬¬g_id:36535[WWE 2K20]¬¬ under wraps but it's launch time tomorrow and we've finally been given the system requirements. WWE 2K20's PC system specs paint a familiar picture which suggests this year's outing perhaps isn't overly different from the last years. Consider us shocked.
¬¬g_id:36061[Need For Speed Heat]¬¬ is the return of EA's classic racing franchise. This time we take to the streets of a fictional version of Miami for a host of illegal street races and both day and night racing. Like just about any NFS, Need For Speed Heat will at the very least look fantastic. Here are the official system specs needed to run NFS Heat.
With every AAA publisher seemingly hellbent on chasing the MMO-lite looter shooter cash, Obsidian's ¬¬g_id:35787[The Outer Worlds]¬¬ is refreshingly old-school. Heavily inspired by their previous work, ¬¬g_id:24388[Fallout New Vegas]¬¬, The Outer Worlds is a wholly single-player first-person RPG with a lengthy campaign and none of the microtransaction trappings. So far, so good, but what about what PC hardware you'll need to play The Outer Worlds. Find out with our look at the official PC system specs for The Outer Worlds.
We’ve all had multiple opportunities to go hands-on with ¬¬g_id:6039[Call of Duty: Modern Warfare]¬¬ but we still haven’t been given many details at all about its ray-tracing support on Nvidia GeForce RTX hardware. Team Green has finally thrown us a few bones though, announcing the recommended system requirements for COD: Modern Warfare’s raytracing features. This comes after COD: Modern Warfare's standard PC system specs were revealed yesterday.
¬¬g_id:6039[Call of Duty: Modern Warfare]¬¬ comes in with its full release system requirements right off the back of Red Dead 2's specs. We saw their provisional system requirements back on September 19th, when they ran their recent Beta test.
¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ is the joint-highest reviewed game of this entire gaming generation. Rockstar's magnum opus is a Western epic. A rootin' tootin' ride through the Wild West against some of the visually stunning backdrops ever created. And Red Dead 2 is out on PC in less than four weeks' time. This doesn't leave you with much time to prepare, pardner, so saddle up. Here are the PC system specs required to run Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.