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So here's a surprise for you, or me at least - Switch exclusive Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is coming to PC this October, bundling in the frankly maniacal base game along with all of its post-launch content. It's a heck of a difficult game to write a summary on but suffice to say it's co-op arcade action which goes off in some unpredictable directions. It's not fantastic but it's certainly an entertaining enough foray for arcade fans. Travis Strikes Again comes to PC on October 17th but in the meantime, here are the PC system specs.
Pulling smiley face on the mass extinction of the human race, Destroy All Humans! Remake is a, well, it's a remake of the fairly decent Destroy All Humans! which found its own corner of fame back in the PlayStation 2 days. very obviously going down that Mars Attacks route, Destroy All Humans! is set on 1960s Earth and you play as an alien, looking to annihilate the puny little humans by any means necessary. The remake's coming to PC in 2020 but, ahead of then, we've got our eyeballs on the preliminary system specs for Destroy All Humans Remake.
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is the brainchild of Patrice Désilets, creative director of the original Assassin's Creed and its beloved sequel. There's definitely some AC DNA in Ancestors' free-climbing antics, although the game itself is a very different proposition. An ambitious concept, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey charts millions of years of evolution, from primitive apes through to what we know as the modern man. Ancestors is primitive by nature then, but are its PC system specs just as primitive...
UPDATE: It's all change for Control's system requirements. Once the most demanding game in existence on PC, developer Remedy has made some sweeping changes to the PC specs. Good, because there were barely any people that could run it last time.
Another year, another Pro Evolution Soccer. This time though, Konami's gone and completely changed the name. Say hello to eFootball PES 2020, the only ball kicking simulator which manages to squeeze both football and soccer into the same title. eFootball PES 2020 brings all the goodies of the upcoming season such as update rosters, additional skill techniques, and a revamped master league mode. But what sort of PC will you need to run PES 2020? Let's find out.
It's that time of the year where the lack of football is physically beginning to gnaw away at me. But, have no fear, we're just days away from football leagues around the world kicking off in earnest, while EA Sports is preparing FIFA 20 for launch on September 23rd. Expect higher-fidelity visuals, improved ball physics, refined controls, and some glorious street football. 
The mighty Sci-Fi series, Mass Effect didnt conclude in the blaze of glory it was hoping for, but for Indie studio, Elder Games, they still took great inspiration from it. And it shows in their upcoming sci-fi Mass Effect look-a-like, Everreach Project Eden. Lets swoop down and take a look at the system requirements its asking gamers for when it arrives in September.
Tied up with PlayStation exclusivity for the best part of the studio's existence, the shackles are off for Supermassive Games and Man of Medan, the first in a planned anthology of horror adventure games known as The Dark Pictures. They're the same folks behind the excellent PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, providing us a good idea of what to expect from this ghostly tale aboard an abandoned ship. 
GRID may have suffered a recent delay which pushed it back to October but, in the meantime, Codemasters have sent along the PC system specs for the GRID (2019). The first new GRID game in over five years, the GRID reboot offers heaps of racing disciplines, some of the most iconic cars in motorsport, and a massive visual overhaul. Here are the PC system requirements needed to run GRID 4.
Giant big rig truck racing, yeehaaa! Or for those of us professionals in the know like to call it, FIA ETRC 2019. Imagine cautiously driving your paperweight formula 1 car to its limits over on Brands Hatch. Sequentially dropping gears, delicately applying the throttle to pull out of the hair pin while releasing the break. Careful as you do it. Precision driving is your only way to get onto that podium.
Another year, another sports roster and another pot of cash for EA as the new sports seasons come around again. oh I am such a cynic and yet we all still buy them each year. But can we all play this years release? Lets take a look at this next popular NFL title, Madden NFL 20 system requirements, to see how well our system will perform.




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