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The latest sort-of-expansion to Superhot: Mind Control Delete is a roguelike version of the base game with more levels, enemies, and special game mechanics as players desperately try to complete a series of randomized gauntlets and challenges.
Twitch has just announced its Free Games With Prime program (which is anything but free), offering up a Humble Monthly Bundle-type subscription for those signed up for the Twitch Prime service.
If Mirror's Edge and Max Payne had a baby I'm pretty sure it'd resemble something like Superhot, a new indie FPS coming to Steam. You don't often hear the terms FPS and indie in the same sentence but you can rest easy knowing that the game comes with a twist – time only moves at a normal speed while you move. Whenever you stand still, time crawls to a Matrix bullet time stop, letting you weave your way through the gunfire like a crazy neo-ninja.
Ultra-stylish first-person shooter SUPERHOT has finally been given a release date. It’s been a long road since May 2014 when it smashed through its Kickstarter target, but SUPERHOT will be launching this very month on PC, with an Xbox One version expected a few weeks later.
Every time we get a glimpse at Superhot, the experimental first-person shooter continues to surprise with just how powerful its central mechanic is. A new beta gameplay trailer gives us a peek at an updated version of the game, demonstrating the full extent of the protagonist’s time-warping powers.