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A new Rockstar game launching on Steam is huge news. Or at least, we always thought it was. Times change though; the industry shifts. Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on Steam on Thursday, arriving not so much with a bang but with the rasping noise emitted by a cowpoke who’s spent one too many starry nights living on canned beans. 
It’s been a busy weekend for the wallets of the world. If the Steam Autumn Sale didn’t drain them then Black Friday was waiting in the wings, waving cut-price SSDs and bargain-bin monitors in our faces.
Valve has announced its divisive Steam Controller has been discontinued. There will be no more production of Steam Controllers and the existing stock is all that will ever be available.
Valve’s decision to target VR for its first new Half-Life game in 12 years was always going to prove divisive. Fans have been desperate for either Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life: Alyx is a brand new Half-Life, it’s what we’ve been desperate for years.
Valve doesn’t look as if it’s got to sit by and let Google hog all the cloud gaming spotlight with Google Stadia. Some digging around by SteamDB in Steam’s developer portal has potentially unearthed Valve’s very own competitor - Steam Cloud Gaming.
This is a strange one considering how long Apple and Valve were at loggerheads while Valve tried to bring the Steam Link app to iOS, but the two American giants have allegedly agreed a partnership to develop an augmented reality headset.
It’s taken eight years but now we’re coming full circle. Electronic Arts has officially announced that it's coming back to Steam, starting with the arrival of Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order on November 15th.
UPDATE: Electronic Arts has all but confirmed it's coming back to Steam following numerous bits of evidence which were uncovered last week. 
If you’re just about to buy a game - stop. Take a breath and think about sales season. The dates for the next three major Steam sales have leaked, which probably makes distressing news for your wallet, but it's lovely news for your Steam library. 
Paradox has gone a bit wild with the announcements over the weekend, hosting its very own PDXCON 2019 event. The biggest announcement was undoubtedly Crusader Kings III, the long-awaited sequel to one of the most beloved Paradox Interactive titles ever. It’s been seven long years and now a new heir is born.
Those gunning for a World War 2 shooter fix should probably be looking Black Matter and Team 17’s Hell Let Loose this weekend. In celebration of the Omaha Beach update coming to the Early Access beta, Hell Let Loose is free-to-play for the entire weekend on Steam.