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It’s been a good week for Star Wars fans, and it’s about to get even better for fans of the creaking Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG from BioWare. Announced during the annual Star Wars Celebration event in Chicago over the weekend, The Old Republic will be getting ‘Onslaught’, its seventh expansion pack.
Bioware Austin continues to toil away on the quietly successful Star Wars: The Old Republic, revealing a new trailer and fresh details on the upcoming Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. The parallels with Knight of the Old Republic run deeper than naming similarities for the expansion as well; Knights of the Fallen Empire will feature a new player-driven story arc which will decide the fates of the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, depending on which side you want to fall.
EA and BioWare’s 4x1 action RPG Shadow Realms has officially been cancelled, BioWare Austin head honcho Jeff hickman has confirmed. The promising-looking RPG was originally unveiled back at Gamescom 2014 in August last year, but BioWare has since decided to redouble its efforts on other titles.
BioWare and Electronic Arts have announced a new expansion to Star Wars MMO The Old Republic titled Shadow of Revan. The digital-only DLC is due to launch on December 9th, or a week earlier for those who get their pre orders in by November 2nd.
A new digital expansion has been unveiled for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be happy to know that Bioware is rewarding you with some freebies.
We can all stop begging now; it has been conformed that Ewoks will be appearing in Star Wars: The Old Republic through Patch 2.3.
In the next SWTOR expansion, you will have the possibility to flirt with NPCs of the same sex.
Bioware is doing everything to not let their first ever MMO die a horrible death.
Bioware have announced that their highly populated massively multiplayer online RPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, also known as SWTOR, is going to receive a free-to-play option for their players later on this Fall.
Once again You, our beloved members, have come through and delivered system requirement gold to the site! The particular gaming guru I refer to this time is the sensational CaptainAwesome, who has spotted a preorder box for Star Wars The Old Republic.