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Whilst EA apparently has no plans to add more content to Star Wars Squadrons, it's nice to see that they are still supporting it at least with post-launches fixes. Patch 1.1 is live now and includes a bunch of new fixes to the game, one of which is the joystick issues experienced with deadzones and sensitivity.
Electronic Arts surprised pretty much everyone when they announced Star Wars Squadrons; a full game with zero microtransactions or multiplayer battle passes etc. and a dedicated single player campaign. It launched with moderate success, and fans have been praising the game’s flight mechanics, but ultimately feel the entire experience is a little thin.
EA's latest venture into the galaxy far, far away is finally here. The Star Wars-themed space sim is out now, and whilst the game mostly takes place inside the cockpit of some iconic spaceships, we wanted to take a look at all the graphics settings available to us in Star Wars: Squadrons.
The upcoming space sim Star Wars: Squadrons is nearly upon us, but it’s all a bit confusing as to what time you can preload the game and exactly when you can play it. So with the game releasing soon we wanted to compile an official list of release times for each region and when exactly you can start preloading Star Wars: Squadrons.
The upcoming space sim Star Wars: Squadrons based on everyone’s favorite galaxy from far, far away is launching in just under a month, and in preparation EA have released a brand new CGI short film to get us hyped. Plus, the publisher has revealed a bunch of pre-order bonus cosmetic items straight from the short film itself.
Ever wanted to pull off those crazy flying maneuvers that everyone somehow pulls off in the Star Wars movies? Well now you can! As the Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay trailer has been revealed, giving us a good look of what’s to come in EA’s latest venture into the iconic sci-fi universe. Not only is there a deep multiplayer system, but there’s also a full single-player story too.