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The latest addition to the Spelunker saga was already released on PlayStation 4 on September 15th, but the PC release was scheduled for a later date on September 29th. But according to the developers, Spelunky 2’s PC version will not include online multiplayer at launch due to a “rocky start” on the PS4 platform.
There’s something about exploring endless dungeons filled with traps and quirky characters all the while trying to get as much gold as possible and rescuing that annoying dog, which is why Spelunky 2 is looking mighty enticing this year. The problem is, the developers originally stated that Spelunky 2 will be coming to PC shortly after the PlayStation 4 release, but now we finally have an official PC release date!
The cave-dwelling treasure-finding hardcore explorer game is back with Spelunky 2, which was given an update on development at the latest PlayStation State of Play a couple weeks ago. Well, now the official Steam store page is up with some minimum requirements listed, as well as an update on when PC players will be able to get their hands on it.
Ah, spelunky, the word that just keeps getting better the more you say it. Try running into a room full of old people and shout “spelunky!” without getting a few weird looks… Anyway I’m getting sidetracked here, the cult indie roguelike game Spelunky became much of a beloved treasure among the internet crowds. The cute, Indiana Jones simulator, won lots of hearts for it’s pixelated look and treasure-hunting antics and then got an HD remake for the PC and console later that included co-op.