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If you’ve been trucking through the mud and snow still since the launch of SnowRunner about 2 months ago, then you’re not alone. The game is huge with loads of content to explore and perfect, but if you were looking for even more content - free or otherwise - then SnowRunner’s Phase 1 of the upcoming Season 1: Search & Recover is adding a hell of a lot of new stuff.
It’s been almost 2 months since the off-road trucking simulator SnowRunner released on PC, and yet the title has already gathered a total of 1 million players worldwide. Because of this achievement milestone, Saber Interactive is celebrating by adding a brand new map to explore and conquer, for completely free! Available today, the new “Rift” update adds an all new area to the Taymyr region in SnowRunner.
So you've been trucking through the rain, mud and snow, delivering resources and saving your old vehicles in times of need. SnowRunner is a great looking game already, but we've compiled below a list of the most demanding graphics options in the game, so you can get the perfect balance of visual fidelity and FPS performance.
There’s nothing quite like mods when it comes to video games, from early map creations in the original Doom games, to adding lightsabers in Skyrim, mods have been at the core of most hardcore game audiences. SnowRunner has introduced a limited selection of mods so far, but support for more modding features will be made available soon, along with downloadable mods on consoles. Check out this new video for a look at some of the zany creations already, as well as how to set up and install the mods yourself.
Whether you’re braving the wilderness on your own or with friends, it can get tricky to drive out there in the rough terrain, so Saber Interactive have put together a short little video on some basic tips to help you out of the mud (or snow) in their latest title, SnowRunner. So if you’re stuck, hopefully this video can you help out just as much as that winch can.
SnowRunner, is a popular driving sim, that lets the player drive massive trucks into and through mud and snow, and its out now for PC. Like lots of other similar simulator titles this game needs to look good, to deliver the right levels of immersion while driving. And to do this right, a game like SnowRunner comes with a hefty PC hardware performance cost. Whilst we've been having a lot of fun exploring the great open areas in SnowRunner, we wanted to see how well the game performs on a selection of graphics cards, especially considering how physics simulation-heavy it is. So does it perform about as well as a wet piece of cardboard? Or does it blitz through like a truck through paper? Let's find out...
SnowRunner has trudged through the mud and snow to finally get to us, the new sequel to the physics-based hits such as Spintires and MudRunner looks to be a pretty good looking game, but how much can you customize the graphics? what graphics options are available? We take a look at the PC graphics settings available in SnowRunner.
SnowRunner is out today on PC and consoles, it’s the snowy sequel to MudRunner and the original Spintires games that was all focused on muddy physics and overcoming rough terrain in large vehicles. SnowRunner may be bigger and muddier, but what does that mean when it comes to PC performance? Can your PC run the game? Luckily for us the System Requirements for SnowRunner on PC are here.
Wow seems like it’s a tough day for Mudrunner and Gears of War fans as both Gears Tactics are released today. But in case you’d rather brave the wilderness with your expert trucking skills, rather than blowing up some Locust brains, here’s the latest launch trailer and some info about the various post-launch content.
SnowRunner has been really pushing it’s marketing recently, with loads of videos each describing various and specific features of the game. But it seems like Focus Home Interactive has taken a step back now, and has released the “United We Drive” trailer, a much more personal look at the overall story, and the backstory of the driver himself…
SnowRunner is shaping up to be a big release when it comes out later this month. Not only does it boast the biggest map in the franchise so far, but new details have been revealed for post-launch content for the Season Pass, as well as free content for all players. This includes new regions like Canada, Russia and Wisconsin as well as new activities, vehicles and even improved modding support.