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Resident Evil is basically the granddaddy of all survival horror games. Like most franchises though, it's had its ups and downs. It's been more of the latter than the former in recent times as well. When it fell upon hard times though, Capcom could always fall back on what made the series great. It's the reason why the original Resident Evil got a remaster, and its stellar sales showing prompted Capcom to dig out more.
If you’ve never been one to play Nintendo consoles, then the chances of you having played Resident Evil Zero already are relatively close to zero itself. Capcom’s survival horror prequel, which originally landed in 2002, has never known a life outside of Nintendo’s dinky Gamecube or the tarted up Wii port, but it’s finally arriving on other platforms in early 2016.
Obviously somebody let the zombified cat out of the bag a little early with those screenshots last week, but Capcom has now confirmed Resident Evil Zero HD is coming, and also sent along a tasty looking trailer for the survival horror prequel.
Capcom has announced Resident Evil Zero is the next in line for a remaster, with an updated version of the survival horror prequel coming in early 2016. The remake is following in the footsteps of the Resident Evil HD remaster which arrived earlier this year, going on to shift more than a million copies.