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The two footballing giants. After decades of footballing games only two remain. The likes of Sensible Soccer, Kick Off, This Is Football and practically hundreds of others, mainly total turds like UEFA Striker, have all bitten the dust. During the glory days of the PlayStation 2 PES reigned supreme. You couldn’t walk into a single student flat without someone getting ready for a kickabout.
Another year, another PES. The might of Konami's footballing giant has waned in recent years, as EA's FIFA continues to dominate with its lavish tie-ins and outrageous budget, but PES 2015 returns for another bite at the apple this year, promising to kick FIFA back into touch.
After the launch of the mighty FIFA 2015 Konami's certainly got its work cut out for the next instalment in the PES series. PES 2015 is arriving on November 13th for PC, giving FIFA 15 a sizeable head start for eager footie fans. Following FIFA's move to a new engine, the PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will reportedly be a hybrid of the previous and current-gen versions, so while it won't necessarily have all the next-gen bells and whistles it should play a fine game of football.